What to expect

During your consultation at Bionic Tattoo Removal you will be asked to fill out forms which will include a brief history & description of the tattoo(s) and a medical questionnaire. I will fully explain the process of Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment(s) (LTRT) to you & you will have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have. I will look at the tattoo(s) that you would like LTRT on so I can to give you my professional opinion on how many LTRT you will require to reach your desired result and also to accurately price your LTRT for you. Moving forward, once the consultation is completed, we can proceed with your LTRT, if time allows, or we can book you in for a scheduled LTRT at a later date.

If you would feel more comfortable bringing someone along with you for your consultation, your more than welcome, however, I ask that you please bring a maximum of 1 other person with you to your consultation.

How much does it cost to book a consultation?

Bionic Tattoo Removal offers consultations between 11am-2pm ($75.00 outside of these hours)

Your consultation fee will be waived if you start your LTRT immediately after your consultation.

Please note: Bionic will NOT do treatments on minors - even with signed consent.

How to book your consultation:

To book a consultation for your Laser Tattoo Removal Treatments or for more information, text Bionic Tattoo Removal at 204-996-2137, or contact us by email, visit Bionic Tattoo Removal on Facebook, or on Instagram

Consultations are mandatory prior to starting your laser tattoo removal treatment .

By appointment only.

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