Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

Eyebrow tattoos are becoming way more common. People are wanting thick, full eyebrows without the hassle of filling them in with makeup every day. However, sometimes styles change or things go sideways, these tattoos can change in color over time, or the design was not what was asked for, these are among some of the reasons why we see clients who want to get eyebrow tattoo removal.


A very common and popular method  where the specialist applies hair-like strokes of special ink under the dermis (2nd layer of skin) using a static blade not a tattoo gun. The result from microblading is typically natural looking and lasts for approximately 1-3 years.  If a mistake is made or a problem occurs during the application or after, eyebrow tattoo removal can help remove the unwanted ink. Most clients require 1-3 treatments for the desired results.

Traditional Eyebrow Tattooing

Some cosmetic make up specialists will use a traditional tattoo gun and ink to apply eyebrow tattoos. This ink is harder to remove but still responds well to treatment most clients need 2-5 treatments for the desired results. If your brows do not meet your expectations, eyebrow tattoo removal is the safest choice for fading or removing the ink.